Ok, it’s my 40th birthday. Ok.

This is very exciting… except it isn’t really.  Well, I’m alive, and that’s great!  I love that.

40 has been staring me in the face now for 40 years or so, but luckily I had enough foresight to plan to distract myself from my own personal doomsday.  A few months ago I started to learn Spanish, started a ceramics class, and I put a bunch of my spit in a jar to send off to a lab that will finally shed some light on my mutt heritage.  So far, I have been not very successful at learning Spanish or getting my clay centered on the wheel but I did a hell of a job getting all that spit in a jar.  Go me!  You have to take your successes where you can get them.  All of this activity has been great for keeping my mind off of birthdays and such.  So here it is, and it turns out that it is not as painful as I thought it would be.  For the past 5 years, my older friends thought it was their mission to warn me about the perils of 40.  But actually, being 15-23 was kind of rough and no one warned me about that.  That time of life was filled with doubts, questionable decisions, and seemingly everyone else’s opinions.  But here at 40, I kind of have it together-ish, and now, mine is the only opinion that matters.  So there.  *sticks tongue out because I’m grown up but not very mature*

Welcome to my blog.  I’ll be updating every other day or so.  Let’s be best friends… the kind of best friends that never have time to go out to lunch or call each other, because who has time for that? Love you!



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