Attain pure minimalist bliss! …or rather, just try to throw out one thing a day.

My life is an experiment in minimalism.  I live in a tiny house.  With me, a little guy, and a big guy that I’m married to, there’s no room for extras here.  Maybe it’s just a delusion, or maybe I lose my perspective from being cooped up in here, but every once in a while it even feels a little spacious.  One time when it was feeling spacious for no reason, I couldn’t help myself and picked up a foster dog.  With a sweet little face and a funky mohawk, I thought I could for sure get her adopted within a month.  But it turned out she was really grumpy, and territorial.  One month went by, two months, three…then eventually, TWO YEARS.  It took two years to get this dog adopted into a loving home (who knew that grumpy dogs were popular with a few people?)  Well within just about five minutes of her arriving here, it wasn’t feeling very spacious anymore but there was no turning back.img_4169

Ever since she has moved on to her forever home, I have been scaling back everything in an attempt to enjoy that spacious feeling again.  I have vowed to throw out a thing a day until my house resembles Dwell magazine, which won’t happen, but just go with my daydream here.  The first day went really well.  Entire trash bags of clothes and random kitchen items went out the door.  I was quite a success.  But now, a few weeks in, I’m running out of things to toss.  Well, not really, I’m just running out of things that I’m comfortable tossing.  There are actually a lot of items that I know need to go but I can’t do it.  I was thinking that instead of just unceremoniously throwing them out, maybe I could write about them here as a way of memorializing them and as a way of talking myself into it.  Anyhow, here goes.

Item #1:  That full length Italian wool body-con dress  Oh body-con dress.  I remember the days when I didn’t have an everyday mom belly and I would wear you so confidently.  You were a demure grey but your fitted shape said “POW!”  Now it just says, “Meh, you’re ok.  Can I just go home to the closet so you can get back to eating some pizza?”  And wine.  Please.

Item #2 That blue pot  Ugly blue pot that doesn’t match any of the other pots that I have.  Ugly blue pot that has a loose handle.  Ugly blue pot doesn’t even have a lid that fits!  Ugly blue pot that I use every once in a while, so I keep thinking that I need it.  I don’t need you.  I need to be free of you, ugly blue pot!  Out you go!

Item #3 Box of Rocks  I can’t.  How did I end up being a person with a box of rocks in her house?  A box of rocks that I can’t let go of?  That sounds ridiculous but they were collected over many family trips to the beach and I like them!  So how about I try to switch the way I think about these rocks?  Like, why do I think these rocks are really mine?  I stole them from the earth.  Can one really own the earth?  So, it turns out I really don’t own them at all.  Good riddance box of rocks.  Back to your homeland.

Well this has been cathartic for me and I’m sure it’s been a complete waste of time for you, but only because you did not just throw out three things.  But maybe, just maybe, you can get rid of 3 ridiculous things right now.

Do it.  DO IT NOW!


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