You need a pep talk… come here little one. Let me tell you about hats.

I’m an accessories girl.  I wear all the scarves.  All the hats.  2 pairs of earrings at once.  Give me 3 necklaces and 5 rings.  While I am aiming for minimalism in my life, my actions definitely read MAXIMUM DECORATION.  I can’t help it.  I am a human Christmas Tree.


The IKEA scarf hanger.  I cannot live without this.

Everywhere I go in my tower of 13 hats and sea of 8 scarves, someone finds the need to tell me, “I love your scarf!  Oh I WISH I could wear scarves!” or “I really want to be a hat person too but I just can’t.”  I always find this so bizarre.  Why can’t you just put in on your body and go out?  I do.not.understand.

So I’m sitting here with my new bangs (pronounced BANG!s)  and I’m recalling something my sister said to me a long time ago when she had bangs and I didn’t.  She said about herself, “I have to have bangs.  I don’t look right without them!” like it would be the end of the world if she shared her forehead with us.  Then a few years after that, she began silently growing them out and she hasn’t had bangs since.  She was adamant that she couldn’t do this thing then she did it and it was actually not a big deal at all.  She never acknowledged that she ever said it.  She never told me she was growing out.  It’s almost like she doesn’t want to admit SHE WAS WRONG about everything.  Anyhow, the whole point of this blog post is:  you’re probably wrong about that thing you’re sure you can’t do/wear/be.  Just do the thing.  Put on the hat.  Wear the scarf.  Cut/grow the bangs.  Learn the language.  Sew the dress.  Play the instrument.  Just start and keep going… and then suddenly, look, you’re a hat person!




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